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Our legal coaches are here to help and provide assistant to individuals who want to self-represent.

What is legal coaching?

Legal coaching is also known as a limited mandate. It can include a variety of services, depending on the skills and needs of the client.

Legal coaching is a type of unbundled legal service, where a lawyer-coach offers behind-the-scenes guidance on both the hard and soft skills of lawyering, in order to provide a (primarily) self-represented litigant with the strategies and tools needed to present their case as effectively as possible in the absence of counsel.”

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The Role of a Legal Coach is to empower clients to set reasonable and achievable goals and support them as required and requested by the, to achieve said goals.

Legal Coaching, especially in Family Law first emerged in the Western Provinces of Canada. Momentum Legal Solutions if the first Family law firm in New Brunswick and Atlantic to provide Legal Coaching. Legal Coaching was described by the Canadian Bar Association as a great tool to promote  access to justice.


Legal Coaching services can include :

  • Advice on preparing arguments and appearing in Court
  • Guidance with the Court process
  • Identifying solutions and elaborating case strategy
  • Assessment of strenghts and weaknesses of your case
  • Legal Research, specific calculations and analysis
  • Drafting of, guidance on, or revisions to pleadings, affidavits and other Court documents
  • Attendance to hearings, examination for discovery, motions or else on a limited mandate
  • Legal Advice

Legal Coaching can benefit to :

  • Self-represented litigants who cannot afford a lawyer
  • Self represented litigants who do not want to spend their resources on a lawyer
  • Self represented litigants who want to maximize their chances of success.

***Legal coaching may not be recommended for complex matters - If our coaches become law professors, we will likely recommend that you retain a lawyer to handle your legal issues.

We work with parents, business owners, property owners, lessees, lessors, contractors, subcontractors, grand-parents, persons acting as parents, surrogate mothers, adoptive parents, co-parents and much more.

How does legal coaching work?

In New Brunswick, lawyers are the only professionals who can provide legal advice. A legal coach is a lawyer, except their mandate is different.

With Legal Coaching, the client controls fees and time spent. The client gets to decide exactly how much they will pay for services and what services they want from their coach (in comparison to our lawyer tailoring their services to a particular strategy for your case).

You can decide how much help you want, need and can afford.

Benefits of Legal Coaching

With Legal Coaching, you can focus on what matters most to you, as a self-represented litigant.

1. Save time

You don't have to do it all yourself. Thing of your legal coach as your subcontractant. You can choose exactly what we do for you and when we do it

2. Save Money

You do not have to spend on a comprehensive retainer. You can chose to do the repetitive tasks yourself and focus on arguments and drafting, or the opposite. You can come to us for legal advice only, or strategy. We can also draft your legal documents and you do the rest yourself. Possibilities are limitless. In essence, by doing the work yourself, you can save money.

3. Reduce stress

Our coaches and team members are experienced and there when you need. You can get some help even though you cannot afford to retain our firm.


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